There was a time, not so long ago, that every laptop I owned as adorned with stickers from various Web 2.0 companies. And when I mean “adorned” I mean covered. Like every square inch of the lid. It was a “thing” a few years ago and it certainly made it easy to spot me and my laptop in a crowded conference room.

Times have changed and I only have two stickers on my MacBook—WordPress and Iron Man—however I still dig stickers for branding and giveaways. The question that I’ve always faced is where to get stickers, custom stickers, at a good price (and usually the last minute)…looks like I might have an answer—Create Custom Logo Stickers & Decals With StickerYou ($ 25 For $ 50): Get $ 50 Worth of StickerYou Credit For Only $ 25.

Beyond name labels on your kids’ stuff (which is a good idea btw) or cutsie stickers that you might put on cards, I’m thinking about stickers for branding and events. Like you’re at a trade show or networking event and want to be distinctive. Maybe you just want your company logo on your MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads. Maybe you are having a launch party and want something cool to giveaway. How about a QR code to have people download your app?

Millions of ideas, $ 25.

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