This brings back memories, for sure.

Ah, youth. Fond memories about for the classic boardgame, The Game Of Life, what with it’s iconic spin wheel, car-shaped tokens, and branching path game board that took us through what the game makers decided was a life worth living. Would you be a college student, on your way to become an astronaut? Or would you choose the more direct route to fame, fortune, and business success. It was just like life!

Now you can relive the classic gameplay on your Mac with The Game Of Life, published by PopCap Games and available for the Mac at the Mac Game Store for a incredibly low price of $ 6.99.

The Game of Life, also known as Life, was originally created in 1860 by none other than Milton Bradley himself. The modern version was published by Milton Bradley (the company) in 1960, a mere 100 years later. There have been versions with updated currency and life events (like recycling) every 10 years or so since then. The board game is currently in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, marking it a timeless classic.

All the classic gameplay is here in PopCap’s virtual version. Pick a car color and avatar to represent you, and then play with up to six computer-controlled opponents. The virtual board is vibrantly three dimensional, and should bring back some fun memories for those of you who played the analog board game.

And hey, it’s only seven bucks, so how wrong can you go. I doubt you can get the actual board game for that cheap these days. It’s a shame there’s no local multiplayer, as that would be a ton of fun.

This brings back memories, for sure. lifeo5 life04 life02 Life01

Source: Mac Game Store
Via: Inside Mac Games

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