Vimeo has released version 3.0 of its iPhone app, and the update brings a simpler, more intuitive interface with new features. You may remember that Vimeo for iPhone 2.0 went live in the App Store back in February, and today’s update is a significant upgrade. Vimeo has gotten rid of the cluttered in-app video editor and introduced a completely new look.

This is the first time that Vimeo itself has completely designed its own app, and it should be a huge hit for Vimeo users.

A tabbed browsing user interface allows you to quickly navigate through the app’s different sections and tap on video links. The main Feed view collects all of the activity from everyone you follow and displays it beautifully. You can now manage your Watch Later queue in the app once you’ve logged into your account.

Vimeo has added the ability to directly share videos to Facebook and Twitter, and videos can be uploaded from your iPhone in the background while you browse.

Version 2.0 of Vimeo for iOS was ambitious, but it had too much going on. It’s refreshing to see that Vimeo has learned from its mistakes and ditched its convoluted video editor. The app feels lightweight and much more functional now.

You can grab Vimeo 3.0 for iPhone in the App Store now. For some reason, the iPad version has yet to be updated.

Source: App Store

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