One of recent announcements from Google�s I/O 2012 event is the official Drive app for iOS. Available for free as a universal download for the iPhone and iPad, the Google Drive app gives you access to all of your documents and folders stored in your Google account as well as content that someone else has shared with you. Users can star documents to make them easier to find and even make them available offline through the details panel of an item view. Google even went as far as complying with Apple�s terms for in-app purchases, allowing users to purchase additional storage using their iTunes account from within the Google Drive app.

One thing to note here is that the Google Drive app doesn�t come with full editing capabilities. Instead, Google is marketing the app as a way to �quickly and easily� find and view your files, pictures, and videos stored on Google�s servers. Files can be shared with collaborators from the app and obviously synced to desktop devices but as far as editing capabilities go, it spears Google is only allowing users to forward documents to other installed iOS apps using the �Open In�� menu.

As far as aesthetics go, the app�s design is largely similar across iOS devices (iPhone/iPad). Here, the iPad�s tablet sized screen allows one to display more panels at once and provides bigger media. The interface overall is appealing and easy to navigate through.

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