iPad Fiber TV App

Google has released a standalone iPad app for its Google Fiber TV service in the App Store. If you haven’t heard of Google Fiber, don’t feel bad: it’s only available in Kansas City at the moment.

Besides lightning-fast, fiber-opic broadband, Google Fiber also offers TV like Comcast. Android devices have been able to control Fiber TV, and now the iPad can be used as a remote for controlling the big screen.

“For the past month, our Fiber TV customers have been able to control their TVs with any recent Android device,” Google said today on its Fiber blog. ”Using the Fiber TV app from the Google Play Store, they can search for programming, browse listings, and select shows or recordings with just the touch or swipe of a finger. Now, iPad users can enjoy this simple, intuitive experience, too.”

With a subscription to Fiber TV, this app can be used to find and discover TV shows and movies as they air live. You can even set shows to be recorded for viewing later. On-demand content can also be purchased and streamed.

Google Fiber is on a very limited rollout, with Google adding Provo, Utah later this year and Austin, Texas in 2014.

Source: App Store

Via: Google Fiber Blog

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