CultCast listeners know that I have a particular fondness for Christopher Walken. Sometimes he even likes to make an appearance on the podcast. It’s truly magical.

My love for Walken means that I couldn’t be more excited for an upcoming iOS app called Cowbell Hero. With the app, I’ll be able to relive the infamous Saturday Night Live skit in all of its glory. I gotta have more cowbell. I really do.

Digital Hero Games is bringing 16 licensed tracks, like Blue Oyster Cult’s ”(Don’t Fear) the Reaper,” and 11 extra bonus tracks. All songs will be exclusively designed for the delightful sound of the cowbell. The rhythm-based style of Tap Tap Revenge meets utter ridiculousness.

Cowbell Hero will be available in the App Store next month.

Source: Touch Arcade

Via: AppAdvice

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