Many of us use our iPhones for so many tasks that it’s easy to overlook some of the simpler functionality of the device, like making and ending phone calls. With that in mind, we’ve got a nice trick to hang up an active call faster, without having to touch the devices screen at all. It’s incredibly simple:

Hang up a call instantly by tapping the Sleep / Power button

Hang up an iPhone call by tapping on the power button

Yes, the sleep/lock/power button at the top of the iPhone can also be used to hang up a call, without having to rely on touching the iPhone screen.

No Touch Screen Usage = Works with Cracked Screens

This is valuable for several reasons: it’s faster than tapping “End Call”, it can be done with a simple finger tap without looking at the screen, and it works even if the iPhone touchscreen is not working due to a hardware failure or a completely cracked screen that has the lower portion of the display unresponsive to touch.

Cracked iPhone screen

You’ll also be able to make phone calls in cold weather easier, or if you’re wearing gloves that aren’t touchscreen friendly. Just use Siri to make the initial phone call, then use the top button to end the call, all while keeping your toasty gloves on the entire time.

Additionally, it works to hang up a call even if tapping on the “End Call” screen button doesn’t work, which seems to be an odd Phone app bug that happens at random for some users.

End a call on the iPhone by tapping the power button

The simple power button also has a few tricks up it’s sleeve for incoming calls too, with a single-tap silencing the ringer, and with a double-tap sending the call directly to voicemail.

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