It’s hard to believe that Apple ever faced a time where most consumers thought Macs are underpowered, pricey heaps of junk.�But back in 1997 things were not looking �good for Apple and it was hard to convince people that buying a Mac was worth it. The answer? Create a CD full of Apple�propaganda�that fans can use to convince their friends to buy a Mac.

In 1997 Apple created the MacAdvocate CD-ROM that was free to any Apple fans who requested a copy. Dan Frommer recently unearthed his copy of the 1997 Apple MacAdvocate and found it was full of a funny Apple propoganda and ugly 90′s graphic.

Take a look at how Apple tried to convince people that Macs were cool in the 90′s:

The was the first screen you saw when loading up the MacAdvocate CD-ROM


Apple’s “Dreams” contest gave users the opportunity to film their own 30-sec Apple commercial that could be seen by millions


Apple just bought NeXT when the MacAdvocate CD was released, so they created a document explaining why it was genius of them to do it.


Scientists and Billionaires use our stuff and so should you!











Source: SplatF

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