Use Wikipedia during SOPA blackout SOPA and PIPA are two terrible internet censorship bills that are dangerously close to passage in the USA, and Wikipedia has blacked out their web site in protest. …but what if you really need to use Wikipedia today? What if you’re a student and your paper was due yesterday and you need to do research? What if you just want to go on a Wikipedia binge? There are several methods to use and access Wikipedia during the SOPA blackout:
  1. Google for a wikipedia page and then quickly hit the “Stop” button to prevent the blackout javascript loading
  2. Use Mac OS X’s built-in Dictionary app
  3. Disabling Javascript
The first method is self explanatory and is all about speed, just quickly hitting the “X” in any modern browser should cease the javascript from loading at all. The other option is to simply disable javascript for For Safari:
  • Open Safari Preferences
  • Click on “Advanced” and check the box next to “Show Develop menu in menu bar”
  • Pull down the “Develop” menu and select “Disable Javascript”
  • Load Wikipedia and browse as usual
For Google Chrome:
  • Open Google Chrome’s Preferences
  • Click on “Under the Hood” and then “Content Settings”
  • Find Javascript then click “Manage Exceptions”
  • Type “” into the box and pull down the contextual menu, selecting “Block”
  • Load Wikipedia as usual
Mac only: Use Dictionary App Open, found in /Applications/ folder, and you can use Wikipedia freely. Thanks for pointing this out Karl! Wikipedia in Dictionary app Remember to reenable Javascript when you’re done, and to join the fight against SOPA to stop internet censorship.

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