Kext files Canít use the easy Kext Drop app for some reason to install a kernel extension? Installing kexts (kernel extensions) manually is always an option and itís not too difficult if youíre comfortable with the command line:
  • Copy the .kext file(s) to /System/Library/Extensions/
  • Open the Terminal and type:
  • cd /System/Library/Extensions/
  • Type the following commands at the terminal, replacing the kext name with the one you are installing
  • sudo chmod -R 755 kextfile.kext sudo chown -R root:wheel kextfile.kext
  • Now remove the kext caches:
  • sudo rm -R Extensions.kextcache sudo rm -R Extensions.mkext
  • Reboot the Mac
The kernel extension should now be installed. As you can see this is more time consuming than the alternative, so ideally youíll just one of the installer applications instead. Thanks to Nick for the tip

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