In this guide, we will show you how to submit your crash reports to help the Chronic Dev Team find exploits for the iOS 5 untethered jailbreak. Please help them, by submitting your crash reports; it’s quick and painless and goes to a good cause. The picture above is the Chronic Dev Team crash reporter. It was announced last night. This tool will submit your crash reports to the Chronic Dev Team. It will require your Mac OS X administrator password to run after you install it because it will change the server of your iTunes crash reports from Apple to the Chronic Dev Team instead. Please enter your password and allow the application to run. The server change is reversible. Allowing this tool to run will send the Chronic Dev Team information about everyone’s crash reports. This will give the Chronic Dev Team a ton of situations to look at and hopefully offer them enough data to find more untethered jailbreak exploits. You can read more about it on the Chronic Dev Team blog,here. Right now, the Chronic Dev Team crash reporter is available for Mac OS X and Windows. This guide will work the same on Windows as it will for Mac OS X. Users can download the Chronic Dev Team crash reporter right now: Chronic Dev Team crash reporter for Mac. Chronic Dev Team crash reporter for Windows. After you open the application, the window will look like the picture above. It will ask you to plug an iDevice in. If you plug your iDevice in and you have a pass code set, you will get the following error message: To get rid of the error message, simply unlock your iDevice, enter the pass code, and once you are on the SpringBoard, you will notice that the error message is now gone. Go ahead and click the, “Do it!” button so that your crash reports will be submitted to the Chronic Dev Team. When you do this, it will begin uploading. The process takes about 20 seconds, give or take, depending on your internet speed as shown below: After it finishes, you can unplug your iDevice and submit crash reports for another iDevice or you can delete the tool. When it’s finished, it will give you a, “SUCCESS” message as shown below: You are now finished. If you have uploaded your crash reports, then thank you for the generosity to the Chronic Dev Team. They will use your crash reports to gather data in trying to find more exploits for the untethered iOS 5 jailbreak. You canfollow meon Twitter and I will keep you up to date on Chronic Dev Team news. How did the submission go for you? Share in the comments below! SourcesChronic Dev Team Blog  

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