The optional Camera grid overlays lines atop the viewing screen when shooting pictures on an iPhone and iPad. Dividing the screen into equal parts, it helps to take better pictures by making it simple to follow the longstanding “rule of thirds”, with the basic idea being to align compositional elements to the grid, lining up things like the horizon or buildings to the lines in the grid.

Camera Grid in iOS 7

Many users have discovered there is no longer a toggle in the Camera app, but rest assured the grid still does exist in Camera app for iOS 7 and you can still turn it on, but for you now must do so from the Settings app instead:

  • Open Settings and go to “Photos & Camera”
  • Look for the Camera section and switch the toggle for “Grid” to ON (or OFF if you want to disable it)

Toggling the Camera grid in iOS 7

Going back to the Camera app you’ll find the grid has returned. Recall that you can now get to Camera quickly from the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Now that it’s contained within the Settings app, it’s probably easier to just leave enabled all the time if you actually like to use it. Personally, I prefer the approach used in iOS 6 and before where the grid settings toggle was directly in the Camera app, making it easy to switch on and off as needed.

And no, the grid does not overlay itself on finished photos.

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