If you havenít already pre-ordered an†iPhone 4S, then you probably arenít going to get one on October 14, when they officially go on sale. Apple now shows ship times of 1-2 weeks for every iPhone 4S configuration. The iPhone 4S pre-sale has been going on for approximately 24 hours and it now seems likely that Appleís initial supply may have run dry for the moment. High demand is sure to keep supplies tight for the foreseeable future. In the past, Apple has updated the iPhone every 12 months or so. The last iPhone update came 16 months ago and rumors of a new model have been running rampant ever since. Many people were let down when Tim Cook unveiled the new iPhone 4S. For a time, it seemed that Apple might release two new models this year, but those rumors turned out to be false. Despite some members of the media being disappointed with the new iPhone 4S, most people seem happy with the new features being introduced with this model. Apple is set to turn the iPhone into an intelligent assistant with†Siri†when the iPhone 4S is released next week. Siri demonstrations appear to be very impressive and the voice recognition technology seems to work flawlessly. Weíll see if Siri is as accurate in the real world. If youíre lucky and donít mind long lines, you might be able to find an iPhone 4S at an Apple Store next Friday. Good Luck. Source:†Apple

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