You have an idea for the next great app. The app that will become essential for all iPhone (or iPad) owners. But there�s a problem, you don�t know how to make an app. No problem, you get some books, look at some tutorials, and then it hits you. You still need to learn C and Objective C to be able to actually code the app. This is where today�s deal comes in. Unlike many �learn to make and iOS app� courses that skip the foundation of C and Objective C. This course doesn�t. This is a true Foundations for iOS Development Course.   At 60% off, this course is a great deal. You�ll build a solid foundation for building great iOS apps and from there�well the sky�s the limit isn�t it? Here is just some of the things included in the course:

Two Video Courses For the Price of One!

After getting feedback from our customers, we found that the most EFFECTIVE way for a beginner to learn how to build iOS apps is to offer a combo of 2 courses: C Programming: iOS Development Starts Here! and the Objective C for Beginners. And, we�re including both courses for the price of one � just $ 79! If you�ve been frustrated by iOS courses in the past because you didn�t have the prerequisite knowledge, don�t worry about it because Mark Lassoff will teach you the �A to Z� of C programming; and from there you�ll have the foundation to take off with his Objective C course which will get your brain dancing. With a nearly combined 8 hours of material, dynamic video instruction, comprehensive lab exercises and dozens of fully functional code examples, these courses will give you the foundation you need to get started.

What You�ll Learn � C Programming Course:

  • How to use Apples XCode Development Environment
  • The structure of a C program
  • How to use variables to hold values
  • Important programming structures like loops, conditionals and arrays
  • How to manage pointers and understand computer memory
  • How to dereference pointer values and pass information by reference
  • How to create C-style character arrays
  • How to create and manage C-functions

What You�ll Learn � Objective C Course:

  • Extensive, informative, and interesting video lecture
  • Complete code demonstrated in lecture
  • Lab exercises
  • Lab solutions
  • Instructor support for questions and clarifications
  • Coverage of all important HTML and CSS concepts
Usually these courses together would be almost $ 200, but Cult of Mac has them for only $ 79�iOS Foundations Course Bundle � Cult of Mac Deals!

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