Order before midnight on Dec. 12 and your iPad mini will arrive in time for Christmas.

Apple has reduced the shipping delay for the iPad mini to just one week in the United States, ensuring orders placed before midnight on December 12 are delivered in time for Christmas. The new delay applies to both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + cellular models in all capacities — but it still hasn’t made its way to international online stores.

When Apple updates the shipping times for new gadgets, it often happens in Australia and New Zealand first — as it did when the iPhone 5 shipping delay improved recently. But with the iPad mini, those in the U.S. are first to see it. This could suggest that the new one-week delay will remain exclusive to the U.S. until Apple catches up with demand.

That’s bad news for those of us in other countries, of course, who were hoping to get hold of the device before Christmas. But it could be that the new shipping times make their way to other countries soon — so don’t give up hope just yet.

If you’re determined to get hold of an iPad mini before the big day, and you live outside of the U.S., then it might be best to keep checking stock levels at your local Apple retail store. They will continue to receive regular deliveries of the device, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get hold of one.

Source: Apple

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