iPad Mini with Retina display

Apple has released a new iPad Mini with Retina display. Announced alongside the the new iPad Air, it shares much of the same impressive hardware internals and specs, but unlike the iPad Air, the iPad Mini Retina is slightly more expensive.

iPad Mini Retina Specs

  • 7.9″ Retina display with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels
  • 326 PPI (pixels per inch) display
  • A7 64 bit CPU
  • 802.11n MIMO Wi-Fi
  • 10 hour battery life

The Mini Retina has a higher screen PPI than the full sized iPad Air, but otherwise much of the hardware is the same.

iPad Mini Retina Prices

  • 16GB – $ 399
  • 32GB – $ 499
  • 64GB – $ 599
  • 128GB – $ 699

As usual, LTE cellular models are available in each size at an additional $ 129.

iPad Mini Retina Release Date Scheduled for “Late November”

Apple has announced the new iPad Mini Retina will be released sometime in “Late November”, and though it’s unspecific, it should be available in time for the holiday shopping season. The full sized iPad Air is coming earlier, on November 1.

The original iPad Mini also sticks around at a slight price drop to $ 299, but the screen quality and performance is considerably lacking when compared to the new iPad Mini Retina model, and thus we think just about everyone who prefers the 7.9″ display should opt for the new Retina model, despite the price increase.

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