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It’s pretty much a given that we’re gonna see the announcement of the next-generation iPad some time in the next month, but now evidence is beginning to mount that we could be hearing from Apple very soon.

Even as it seems more and more likely that we’ll get some new MacBook Pros this week, it looks like the iPad is now sold out at several major international retailers. This is a good indication that these resellers are not receiving more shipments from Apple, and is preparing to restock with the iPad 2.

Carphone Warehouse in the UK was the first to announce that they were running low on iPad inventory. They are sold out of the 64 GB Wi-fi model, and completely sold-out of the 3G Model. Official iPad 3G carriers are now offering cheaper subsidized prices for the iPad. This includes both Europe Orange and T-Mobile, which means you can currently pick up an 3G iPad for �99.99.

Other retailers are now joining in and announcing their low stock. Ingram Micro is selling out, and Future Shop in Canada is sold out now too. This is a very strong indication that the the new iPad will be coming to these major retailers soon, and that means we should hear an announcement from Apple quite soon.

We probably don’t need to tell MMi readers this, but if you’re looking to buy an iPad, it is certainly a good idea to wait a couple weeks for an Apple announcement.


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