Don’t see this everyday. An iPad surviving a 100,000 foot fall. From space. The iPad might not have been in orbital space, but the video is down right amazing. Taking into account terminal velocity the fact the iPad survived that kind of fall, fully functional and intact, makes me want to purchase a G-Form Extreme Edge case. The company used a weather balloon to float the iPad up to the 100,000 foot marker where the balloon promptly popped and sent the iPad free-falling back to earth. The stunt is an apparent marketing tool to create some buzz around the company’s products heading into CES 2012. I wonder if they bought a new iPad or just asked an intern if they could borrow his/hers for the afternoon. The full press release is below. I’m going to watch the video again.
PROVIDENCE, RI (January 6, 2012) – G-Form, a company well known for delivering the most extreme electronics cases and athletic pads, launched an iPad clad solely in the company’s 6oz Extreme Edge case into space and then let it free-fall back to Earth. The company released a stunning hi-def video Thursday where the nearly naked iPad is shown hanging above the Earth in the blackness of space. In the video, the iPad is lifted to over 100,000 feet by a weather balloon which bursts at altitude, then releasing the iPad to free-fall to Earth where it crash lands on a rocky hillside in the Nevada countryside. Perhaps even more remarkable than the dramatic hi-def footage itself is the fact that the iPad survives the adventure, remaining fully functional. “As far as we know, this is the first iPad ever in space,” said G-Form’s VP innovations, Thom Cafaro, “And definitely it’s the first iPad that’s ever free-fallen from space and survived to play more movies. We are usually known for making the most protective gear on the planet,” he continued,” so we decided why not raise the bar to off the planet too.” G-Form will be exhibiting its full line of products, including its rugged cases for electronics, protective gear for athletes, as well as unveiling its new iPhone case at CES 2012, which applies this same impressive technology to your mobile device to offer the utmost in protection. Live demonstrations will be done including dropping bowling balls on iPads, and more. Booth # 35661 South Hall For more information on G-Form, its latest stratosphere demonstration video, or its new iPhone case, please contact PRrepresentative Kristen Bean at [email protected] or 305-371-9736 x 123. About G-Form G-Form is committed to changing the state of the art in athletic and electronics protection. Founded by athletes who use the products and compete, G-Form’s new technology including RPTTM – Reactive Protective Technology is truly Impact Protection, Revolutionized. Media Contact: Kristen Bean Account Manager Max Borges Agency 305-371-9736 x123
Would you drop your iDevice from 100,000 feet. Even with a guarantee it wouldn’t break or get sucked into orbit/a jet engine? Source: 9to5Mac  

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