Say what you will about Apple losing marketshare to Android and Samsung quickly closing the gap in the smartphone market. The iPhone is still the most lusted after gadget of 2012 if search queries are any indication of where the public’s heart lies. People want the iPhone 5 more than they want to see pics of Kim Kardashian.

Yahoo released their year in review report on the most searched term of 2012 and the iPhone 5 came in second place, beating out Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Upton, Kate Middleton, and Whitney Houston, while “elections” was the most searched term overall.

I’m not sure what’s more shocking about that statistic – that the iPhone 5 was the 2nd most searched term, or that people still care about Lindsay Lohan. Either way Apple products dominated other gadget manufactures in the search engine wars as the “iPad 3″ was the second most searched gadget in 2013.

Out of searches made using a smartphone the iPhone 5 grabbed the top spot while “scrabble word finder” and “fantasy football” came in second and third. Yahoo claims that the iPhone 5 was the top obsession for 2012 based on high search volume and high percentage spike compared to last year. The iPhone 5 was also the most searched term on Bing for 2012 as well.


Source: Yahoo

Via: LA Times

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