iPhone 5C TV commercial and song

Apple has started to air commercials for the new iPhone 5C. The first TV advertisement is called “Plastic Perfected”, and features liquid plastic pouring into and transforming into various colored iPhone 5C models. The liquid plastic looks oddly refreshing, like some sort of sports drink, and the commercial includes appropriately themed lyrics to a song playing in the background, “pick up the phone then, ring ring, call them up, tell them about the new trends”.

A video of the TV ad has been embedded below:

The iPhone 5C Commercial Song: “Ring Ring” but Sleigh Bells

A longstanding feature of Apple’s consumer oriented commercials is the inclusion of catchy music as a soundtrack, these songs often go on to become quite popular as Apple plays hit maker. This time around, Apple chose a song called “Ring Ring” (or Rill Rill) by Sleigh Bells. The some had some popularity a few years ago, but is sure to enjoy a resurgence with the new Apple ad.

Prior to this, the most recent Apple commercial for the iPhone focused on FaceTime.

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