The iPhone 4S has caused such commotion (legally and illegally) in Hong Kong, that dramatic steps are being taken to nip the problem in the bud.

In the wake of rampant black market iPhone activity and countless incidents of violence in the streets outside of the Apple store in Hong Kong, Apple is immediately moving ahead with a plan to make the the iPhone 4S available in a less frenetic environment: online only.

Hong Kong’s Apple website now features a lottery system in which shoppers have a daily three-hour window to log on and place their order/request for which iPhone 4S model they want. Of course, there’s no guarantee that anyone who wants an iPhone 4S will get one. Supplies are still so limited that only individuals who win the lottery can obtain the device.

Usually, winners are notified by email the same evening of the drawing. Instructions on when and where their device can be acquired is then presented to the winner. For now and for the immediate future, the Apple Store IFC Mall in Hong Kong will continue to turn away all foot-traffic and shoppers who expect to walk-in and get a new iPhone 4S.



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