iPhone, iPad, and iPod

If your iPad or iPhone is running slow after updating to iOS 5 you�re not alone, for many the update has made their device feel sluggish, with taps taking longer to register, stalls between swipes, and just a general noticeable decrease in performance. This seems to effect all iOS devices too, indicating it�s not necessarily a hardware issue but a software one.

There are two solutions that are both relatively simple, for best results you need to do both:

  • Update to iOS 5.0.1 � if you haven�t done so already, do it manually or through OTA
  • Back up and restore the iPad or iPhone after updating to iOS 5.0.1 � do this if you�re already running 5.0.1 and it feels slow, this works, we walk you through the process below

The iOS 5.0.1 update seems to make a difference in performance because whatever was constantly running in the background draining battery (location services?) was presumably causing the devices to run slow as well. This was partially resolved with some battery tips that involved turning off tons of features, but the 5.0.1 update helps for most users and is thus highly recommended in and of itself. Even after installing the update though, some users report sluggish behavior and in that case you�ll want to backup and restore.

Restoring the iOS Device to Resolve Speed Issues

How long this takes depends on how much media is on the iPhone or iPad and how large the backups are:

  • Connect the iPad, iPhone, iPod to the computer and open iTunes
  • Right-click on the device and choose �Back Up� and let the process finish, this may take a while
  • When the backup is finished, click on �Restore� (you can also select to back up from here) and let the device be wiped clean
  • Once the iOS device is completely restored and in it�s original state, go back to iTunes and right-click on the device name again, this time selecting �Restore from Backup� � this also may take a while but let it run

After the device is finished restoring from the newly created backup, it should be significantly faster than it was before running the latest version of iOS.

We�ve tried this on a variety of iOS devices and it seems to work wonders, did it work for you?

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