I remain firmly of the opinion that a driver should drive, and not sip coffee, or listen to the radio, or text his lover, or use cruise-control. As a cyclist, I rely on the pilots of these road-going behemoths to pay attention to the road in order for me to remain alive.

So I have mixed feelings about a gadget which puts a cellphone within such easy reach.The gadget is the iStabilizer Glass, and it is a sucky bracket which sticks your iPhone or iPod Touch to your car’s windshield. It uses the same phone holding cradle as iStabilizer’s monopod, an expanding rubber jaw which grips the phone good and tight.

The suction cup is evacuated with a lever, and the phone can be set at any angle.

Having the phone up in the field of view will certainly keep a driver’s eyes closer to the road, but having anything other than a steering wheel, three (or two, in the U.S) pedals and a gear-shift is a distraction. Then again, you probably shouldn’t listen to me: I’m one of those hippies who thinks that cities should be designed for the people that live in and use them, not for the cars that ruin them.

$ 30.

Source: iStabilizer
Thanks: Brad!

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