There’s nothing quite like hunting for something misplaced to drive one crazy. If you’ve ever lost a set of keys or Bluetooth headset under a couch pillow, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if just the thought of a scenario like that triggers a burst of panic, you’ll want to pay close attention here — because Item TrackR just might keep you from losing more stuff, along with your remaining marbles.

The app works with three categories of Bluetooth devices: those specifically designed to track items, like Wallet TrackR, a thin, Bluetooth- equipped chip that slides inside a wallet; any Bluetooth headset equipped with A2DP; or even cars equipped with Bluetooth-streaming audio.

The if you can’t find your Bluetooth headset, Item TrackR will make the headset play a sound. If the gadget your trying to find is a new Bluetooth 4.0 device, the app will guide you right to it — or you can set the app to beep if you’re about to leave the device’s proximity. Lastly, using the iPhone’s GPS, the app will record the exact time and location the moment you move out of Bluetooth range.

The Wallet TrackR device is $ 19 from IndieGoGo and slips onto a keyring, if you don’t need it in your wallet; or get a pair for $ 35. Now if only they could sew Bluetooth tags into socks.

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