According to JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz Apple’s competitors have turned off some ovens in their bakeries after “an early dose of reality.” Flagiship tablet devices such as Motorola’s Zoom, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Playbook, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab have had a weak showing so far. As a result the companies have dipped their build plans by 10% due to the lack of sales. This doesn’t mean the devices aren’t selling units at all, it simply means they don’t move off the shelves like free diamonds at a bridal outlet. Apple’s shipment estimates have been reduced to 6.75 million iPads in the June quarter, not because of slowing sales, but because of production restrains due to the Japanese quake, and other production setbacks like Foxconn plant explosion. Moskowitz’s analysis doesn’t seem off base. Other companies like Motorola and Samsung are fighting for second place. Apple’s iPad is the iPod of the tablet world. It’s established itself as the defacto device by which all others are compared. It’s never “wow that looks like a Xoom or Galaxy S,” when someone describes a tablet, the comparison is always to Apple’s device. Personally, when Apple announced the iPad I didn’t think there was as big of a market for tablets as there has turned out to be. They’ve proven me wrong. But, the market isn’t big enough for smaller players to release expensive products and push lackluster numbers. Someone has to find a way to give Apple a run for their money otherwise we’ll be stuck with just enough innovation in each iteration to maybe warrant a purchase, instead of drastic leaps that leave us consumers slobbering over new devices. Source:International Business Times

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