Are you one of those highly organized people who have their computer windows set up just right, each one pixel-perfect aligned to each other and the edges of the monitor screen? Yeah, me neither.

For those of you who are,though, or who just like to be able to set things up the way you like them and have them stay that way, there�s a Mac app to do just that.


Breeze, by Autumn Apps, allows users to set up their windows the way they like, and save that layout for later access. There are options to save global save states as well as application-specific save states. There�s a great screencast by the developers on their website that shows some slick ways of using the apps. Simply set your windows up the way you like them, save the state in the menubar, and then choose it later to return your windows to that state.

When you save a global window state, Breeze can apply that relative size and position to any other active window. It�s like a template for your windows.

As this isn�t a review, I can�t tell you if it�s worth the $ 8 cost in the Mac App store, but there is a demo to be had on the developer website, so head on over and check it out. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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