Kordl makes detangling balled-up headphones a cinch.

My pre gym ritual, aside from beating my chest with my bare fists and grunting, always seems to include 2-3 minutes of loathsome headphone detangling. How those confounded white wires always weave themselves into a tangled ball, I do not know, but now there might be hope.

Kordl by J2 Product Development
Category: Accessories
Works With: Earphones of all kinds
Price: $ 7.50 for three!

Kordl is a little clip that secures the pod and plug ends of your headphones together, thus, theoretically speaking, making annoying detangling sessions a thing of the past. Kordl’s founders, now trying to fund their product, go so far as to promise Kordl will make your headphones tangle proof.

Bold claim! So I decided to clip a preproduction Kordl to my Earpods and find out how well it really works.

What It Does

So the idea behind Kordl is kind of clever. By clipping both ends of your earphones together, the founders say they discovered the wires wouldn’t become tangled. That means you can just jam your earphones in your pocket, and then when you’re ready to use them, pull them apart from both ends to straighten them out quick.

Kordl keeps your bits from twisting

But wait, aren’t there already products out there that do this? Well, kind of, but the problem with the ones I’ve tested is they require stringing your earphones around some kind of object, then unwinding them when you want to use them. That’s fine if you don’t use your phones very often, but for people who use them them several times throughout day, winding-type gadgets just take too long.

Kordl’s founders promise their method is quicker.

In Use

Try shoving this loose wiry ball in your front pocket

Yes—they work! Kordl definitely made quick work of my assorted earphone tangles. Pulling my Earpods apart from each end reduced detangling to around a second or two, with a small snag occurring here and there.

But I found stuffing my headphones in my pocket without winding them around something made them a little harder to deal with. I mean, how do shove a handful of loose wires into your pocket? However, if a backpack or purse is what normally stores your pods, this would probably be a non-issue for you.

Product Name: : Kordl
The Good: Makes quick work of detangling your earphones.
The Bad: Makes storing your headphones in your pocket a little unruly.
The Verdict If you’re tired of earphone tangles the Kordl is for you.
Buy from: Christie Street

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

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