The Larklife fitness gadget doesn’t just lifelessly track all the mundane details of your life, like calories burned, miles trudged and hours snoozed away. No, this little thing actually learns your habits and tells you, in realtime, exactly what you should do to make yourself healthier.

the bracelet core wears a sweatproof wrap during the day; at night, you can slip it into a soft “pajama-inspired” band to track your sleep activity. All the data gets uploaded to the free Larklife app via Bluetooth 4.0 in realtime, which then spits out helpful suggestions like:

“You haven’t been active for a while. Walk around a bit to engage your muscles and get your blood flowing again.”


“You didn’t sleep much last night. Eat some extra protein to help you get the long-lasting energy you need to make it through the day.”

Just like having your own ever-present, real-life fitness coach following you around, but without the awkward moments when you have to get naked.

The Larklife wristband is available today at Apple Stores for $ 150, or at Note that the Bluetooth 4.0 requirement means it only works with the iPhone 4S and 5.


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