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On the heels of news that Apple may be in the process of provoking an anti-trust dilemma over the company’s new App Store subscription policy, Apple is off the hook with regard to another lingering legal matter involving the issue of overheating iPads. According to a report Wednesday morning from our friends at Computer World, the lawsuit in question has effectively been dismissed.

The complaint was filed as a class-action lawsuit last summer and steeped in the argument that Apple failed to properly caution iPad owners about the tendency of the tablet to overheat when used for a sustained period in direct sunlight. While most iDevice users and even casual consumer electronics users are well-aware of the likelihood of mobile gadgets overheating in sunlight, the complaint reads: "Using the iPad is not ‘just like a reading book’ at all since books do not close when the reader is enjoying them in the sunlight or in other normal environmental environments."

U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel, however, ultimately decided to toss the complaint and the class-action lawsuit on grounds that the argument lacked specificity. "The Court concludes that these allegations are insufficient," Fogel wrote in his order. "At the least, Plaintiffs must identify the particular commercial or advertisement upon which they relied and must describe with the requisite specificity the content of that particular commercial or advertisement."

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