VIM tutorial VIM is a powerful command line text editor that is wildly popular with developers and system administrators that is accessible by typing Ďvimí in the terminal. For those that havenít used it before, it has a relatively steep learning curve, and the interface can be confusing until you figure out how it works and start memorizing some of the commands. Thatís what this interactive VIM tutorial aims to do, help you learn the basics of VIM so you can start using the text editor with some confidence. The interactive guide is broken into 13 main lessons that cover the essentials: saving and quitting, moving around documents, character matching, finding and replacing characters, adding lines, etc. After youíre finished with the guide, thereís a sandbox to test things further if you still donít want to jump into the real app yet. Visit the Interactive VIM Tutor at If you want to learn more, thereís also the ďvimtutorĒ command that is installed by default in OS X. Itís not as fancy (or interactive), but itís still a great guide and itís accessible from anywhere. Nice find from OneThingWell / LH

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