Ring flash — once the preserve of high-end (or deep-pocketed) fashion photographers and macro nerds with real, like, cameras — now in reach of us plebs with cameraphones. The LED Ringlight from Adorama is a dim-able, continuous light source that can now be used for video and non-synced camera lighting, and it costs just $ 100.

Why bother? Read on:

Ring lighting creates an even, flat light on your subject. Originally used for eliminating shadows from closeup photos, it is now used mostly in portraiture because it is a) flattering b) gives neat donut-shaped highlights in the eyes and c) it casts a cool black halo around the subject.

But ring flashes are expensive and only work with cameras that have hot-shoes to trigger them.

This LED version not only costs way less, but it is dimmable and can be used with any cellphone or video camera. Just switch it on, put your iPhone in the middle of the ring and shoot.

It’s not made for the iPhone, but it does have mounts and clips you can McGyver into a phone mount. What better way to spend a rainy fall afternoon?

Source: Adorama

Via: Photography Bay

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