In case you hadn’t guessed from the frequency of my posts about them, I’m still looking for a dock for my iPhone 5. The latest candidate for a spot on my nightstand is the “Charging & Sync Dock Cradle for Apple iPhone 5 with audio out” from USB Fever, and it is mentioned here primarily for its weird design.

The dock has a Lightning connector poking out of its base, and also a 3.5mm jack, ready to press its way into your iPhone’s waiting music-hole. On the back are an output for hooking up to a stereo, and a long slot — which is where things start to get weird.

The blurb says that the dock doesn’t ship with a cable, and that you’ll have to supply your own. But take a look at that photo up there — the gap in the back looks just like the socket for the old 30-pin dock connector. And if it fits then that would actually be pretty neat, as I have a whole boxful of them under my bed, hidden somewhere in the dust piles.

Otherwise, the design is very similar to pretty much every iPhone dock ever, which is fine by me.

The price? $ 25, which is a little steep with the BYO cable requirement.

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