iTunes Radio iTunes Radio is an excellent streaming music service from Apple. We’ve covered a few different tweaks and tips for the service recently, but at the moment the Radio feature is limited to USA-based users. But for international readers, rather than waiting for the rollout to arrive at your location, you can use a simple trick to listen to iTunes Radio from anywhere in the world, without having to rely on a proxy service.

The secret? Just use a USA-based Apple ID, which you can create for free. Here is the general process required to get everything working, this uses iTunes on a desktop computer in Mac OS X or Windows. Once you create the USA Apple ID, you’ll be able to use it on mobile iOS 7 devices too.

  • Open iTunes 11.1 (download it if you don’t have 11.1 yet) and open the iTunes Store
  • Scroll to the very bottom, click “Change Country” and choose the United States – the font size is very small and light colored, but it’s found under “Manage” – this will log you out of an existing Apple ID
  • Change Country in iTunes

  • Find any free app or song and attempt to download it, you will be prompted to login to an Apple ID – don’t login – instead, click “Create Apple ID”
  • Create a new Apple ID

  • Go through the walkthrough using any US-based address (maybe you’re a 90′s sitcom fan of 90210? Or perhaps Apple’s corporate 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 address? The zip code needs to match the city and state), under payment options choose the “None” option
  • Verify the email address for the new Apple ID, then go back to iTunes and log in with it
  • Enjoy iTunes Radio! You can find it under the “Radio” tab

You can then take this same Apple ID account and log with it on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 7, which will give you access to iTunes Radio in the “Music” app.

Many international users who have made iTunes accounts without a credit card in the past to access different apps or media content may already have a US-based account handy that they can use for this very purpose, which makes the process even simpler. If you already have a US Apple ID, just log out of iTunes and log back in with the existing account. Piece of cake.

Thanks to Lifehacker for the handy trick

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