It’s love. In a box. It’s your love in a box.

Editing traditional film with traditional tools is a bear. No, it�s a woolly mammoth sized effort in tedium. Cutting strips of film frame by frame and gluing them back together. The old adage �left on the cutting room floor� is more literal than most realize.

Today�s non-linear editing programs and workflows have made piecing together a film manageable, but every so often in a world of CGI old-fashioned video solutions pop up. Enter the Love Box, an extremely crude, and extremely expensive solution to recording two sides of a conversation at once. The Love Box is a video mixer for the iPhone that uses mirrors to shoot split-screen video of whats in front of you and what is behind, and slight off to one side.

The little device was originally designed to capture two people conversing for a documentary in Barcelona called �The Love Box Conversations.� The very niche device will set buyers back about $80, but those splurging can find solace in the fact they�ll be owners of a rare first run of 100 units.

Unique, pointless for most, expensive. I�m sure this thing will�sell out fast.



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