Well that was quick. Less Eight hours after Apple issued a security update to identify and remove the MAC Defender malware, a new variation is in the wild that can slip past Apple’s updated defenses. The new MAC Defender is identified as Mdinstall.pkg, and has a time stamp of 9:24 p.m. last night, which is less than eight hours after Apple released its security update. These are some busy hackers. As I noted in the write up yesterday on the seurity update, Apple has installed an automatic malware definitions update feature that should allow the company to issue a fix for this new variant of MAC Defender rather quickly. However, the cat and mouse game between malicious programmers and Windows users that has plagued the windows community for years has found its way to Apple’s happy kingdom. Expect a new security update soon, followed by another circumvention by the MAC Defender creators. Quickly followed by the news media not caring as this becomes a frequent cycle. Source:ZDNet

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