Updated already? Shake it!

Updated already? Shake it!

Dropbox’s recent acquisition, Mailbox, has already updated, bringing a new shake to undo function, some user interface enhancements, and the requisite “bug fixes and performance optimizations.”

Mailbox garnered internet-wide attention for its approach to email, with a light, fast, mobile-friendly interface. Cult of Mac’s own John Brownlee called it the best email app he’s ever used. Messages are archived or trashed with a swipe, and entire email exchanges are presented in a threaded, conversational style. You can even snooze your emails to check them out later, an essential component to an on-the-go email client, right? Mailbox also lets you get push notifications for new messages.

It’s only for GMail accounts at this point, with other email platforms coming soon. To reserver your spot, simply download the app from the app store, and check your spot in line at http://mailboxapp.com/reservations, and then read this to figure out how long you’re gonna have to wait.

What’s New in Version 1.1.0
– Shake to undo!
– UI enhancements
– Bug fixes and performance optimizations

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