Alfred Clipboard Snippets

Alfred 2.0 is an amazing customizable app launcher, email sender, system commander that is free for the basic uses and only £15 for more advanced features in an Alfred add-on Powerpack.

One of these latter abilities lets you store and retrieve anything in your Mac’s clipboard history. Anything you’ve saved to the clipboard is accessible from within Alfred. Better yet, you can even store persistent snippets, turning Alfred into its own text expansion system.

Once you’re purchased the Powerpack, launch Alfred’s preferences by activating Alfred with your hotkey combination (mine is Control-Space), and type ‘alfred,’ without the quotes. Select Alfred Preferences with your mouse, or with the arrow keys on your keyboard and hit the Enter key.

Click on the Features icon at the top left of the window, and then select Clipboard down in the left hand pane. From there, click the checkbox next to the “Clipboard History: Persist For” drop-down menu, and then select a time period from the choices there. You can choose to have your clipboard history saved for 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, or 3 months. Choose a Clipboard Viewer hotkey combination, clicking into the field and hitting the keys you want to activate the Clipboard history window. I added the Option key to my main Alfred hotkey combination, making it Control-Option-Space. You can also just activate the viewer window with the ‘clipboard’ command in Alfred.

To save Snippets, click on the Snippets tab, and hit the plus button at the bottom right hand corner. Give the Snippet a name, a keyword to use when typing into Alfred, and then whatever text you want the Snippet to expand to below that. I made a Snippet called Address, used keyword ‘address,’ and then typed in my home address in the lower field. Now, every time I invoke Alfred and type in ‘snip address,’ my own street, city, state, and zip appears.

Via: AppStorm

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