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The security experts at McAfee have published details of a new study that found during the second quarter of 2011, Android-powered devices faced a staggering 76% increase in malware than that of the first quarter � while Apple�s iOS devices�remained�unaffected by malicious exploits.

In its Second Quarter 2011 Threats Report, relayed by Electronista,�McAfee noted that the �threat landscape of 2011 is undergoing a year of chaos and change.� Google�s Android platform, which was once the third-most targeted platform for malware, shot up to first place after 44 cases of malware were discovered.

This increase in threats to such a popular platform should make us evaluate our behavior on mobile devices and the security industry�s preparedness to combat this growth.�

However, it would seem those of us�sporting�iOS devices have little to worry about. Thanks to Apple�s �closed� ecosystem � which is often�criticized�by fans of the Android platform � the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are more secure than Steve�s own office in Cupertino.

Back in June, Symantec issued a report in which it stated that iOS has �full�protection� against mobile malware, whereas the Android operating system was described as having �little protection.�

There�s a chance that our iOS devices will be infected in future, however. McAfee noted the Mac Defender malware that recently plagued some Mac OS X users, and said that similar attacks for iOS devices are more a �case of �when� rather than �if�.�

In addition to the Android platform, devices running Java ME, Symbian and RIM�s BlackBerry OS were also affected by malware growth, while HP�s webOS platform is seemingly just as safe as iOS.

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