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Microsoft?s Canadian website is now advertising the merits of Windows PC?s over that of Apple computers by comparing various models and configurations. This kind of advertising is nothing new of course, however, the PC?s that Microsoft has chosen to compare are hardly evenly match machines. Mac?s have always fetched a higher price than rivals, but it?s all about what you get for your money that really counts.

Microsoft argues that with the money you save by buying a PC instead of a Mac, you?ll be able to use that savings to go on a Hawaiian vacation instead. The tag line, ?Surf the web or surf Hawaii,? is Microsoft?s attempt to entice customers to chose a PC over a higher priced Mac.

If your only concern is price then the choice is obvious, go with the PC and you?ll save some hard-earned cash in the process. However, Apple doesn?t have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry for nothing. Microsoft is well aware of this fact and would rather that people focus on the price instead of the specs.

Over the last few years, Apple has steadily chipped away at Microsoft?s dominance and their latest ad campaign clearly indicates that they consider Apple to be a serious threat. Microsoft?s market share may still be close to 90%, but Apple maintains a considerable lead when with it comes to portable devices like the iPhone and iPad. Does Microsoft really have anything to worry about? Probably not, but where would they get their best ideas from if it weren?t for Apple?

Source: TUAW

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