The camps are once again at war. This week, following the official Windows 8 preview by Microsoft, Apple fanatics and Microsoft die-hards are squaring off in a heated new debate sparked by the plethora of tech reporters and industry analysts who see the Windows 8 operating system as the first “legitimate threat” to the iPad.

After Microsoft’s previewed its coming operating system, Windows 8, on a prototype Samsung tablet at a conference in Anaheim, Calif., Tuesday, some tech-savvy observers reportedly called it the downfall of Apple’s iPad.

Microsoft’s Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky said at the conference that Microsoft’s Windows 8, which is optimized for both PCs and tablets, will be a revolutionary force in personal and mobile computing. “We re-imagined Windows,” Sinofsky said. “From the chipset to the user experience, Windows 8 brings a new range of capabilities without compromise.”

In addition to the attributes of the operating system itself, major players in the PC and tablet realm are already hopping on the Windows 8 bandwagon. Just yesterday, we witnessed Dell and Samsung’s enthusiastic plans to release tablets based on the new Windows 8 OS, although a release date for the OS hasn’t yet been announced.

“Windows has long been the dominant computer operating system in the world,” a report from the International Business Times reads, “though it missed a couple of beats, as consumers began turning to tablets and smartphones to work and socialize. With Windows 8, Microsoft has its eyes set on the tablet market and is aiming to regain the ground it has lost to Apple.”

So, is this hype just another example of erroneous “iPad-killer” talk, or does Windows 8 pose a “legitimate threat” to Apple’s tablet dominance?

Source:�International Business Times

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