Don’t be fooled into purchasing this scam.

The App Store has had its fair share of apps and games that attempt to replicate a hit title that isn’t available on iOS � like the numerous�Super Mario�clones we’ve seen over the years. But�MineKart 64 is a little different. It takes not just one, but two hit titles ��Minecraft�and�Mario Kart�� and fuses them together.

It’s literally�Minecraft�kart racing � what could be more enjoyable than that?

Only it’s not that at all. It’s actually a complete scam that you should avoid at all costs.

MineKart 64 promises “3D Computer Graphics” and support for up to four players, with more than 20 tracks, multiple game modes, power-ups and weapons.

Players take control of characters from the MineCrafter Universe, who race around a variety of tracks with items that can either harm opponents or aid the user. The move to three-dimensional graphics allows for track features not possible with the original game’s Mode 7 graphics (Version 1.0), such as changes in elevation, bridges, walls, and pits.

In its screenshots, it looks awesome. Here’s a few of them:

But once you’ve paid your $ 2 and opening the app up, you know you’ve been conned into purchasing a game that is nothing like its advertisement. Here’s what�MineKart 64�actually looks like once you begin playing it:

It’s nothing like its App Store description, is it? When Golden Games, the app’s developer, submitted this title to Apple for approval, it obviously had an entirely different description and entirely different screenshots. Either that, or this is yet another scam that slipped through Apple’s net.

Whatever you do, avoid�MineKart 64�at all costs.

Source: AppShopper

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