A new report from†Flurry†has some insight for app developers (for the iOS platform and other platforms as well). Since the introduction of the App Store, mobile apps have gained an exponential amount of attention from users. Having your app discovered and then gaining popularity were usually the biggest issues many developers faced. What most developers end up doing is spending a lot of their time after their app was released to tell as many people about their app so people could find it in the App Store and buy it. Reports from†Flurry†are claiming that because of the growing number of tools out there for app discovery, the biggest problem faced by apps isnít getting found anymore Ė itís trying to get customers to stick around (user retention). App user retention drops off largely after the first month of usage and continues to steadily decline afterward. Being an avid app user myself, I can easily see this being the case as it has happened with me a number of times already. I usually move on rather quickly from app to app aside from the essentials (such as social media apps like Facebook and Twitter). It isnít because the apps are bad or decline in quality but more than often, itís just because a new app is out for a cheaper price or with more features. Pricing is usually so cheap to begin with that moving on seems much easier. If I paid $40.00 for an app, I wouldnít move on from it as soon as I might from an app that costs $1.00. Furthermore, new pricing models are being introduced such as the freemium model, which is causing user retention to become an increasingly important issue for developers. The next tools that should probably be worked on would be tools to help keep users interested in apps as discovery tools such as Game Center and Open Feint have successfully helped users discover new apps. It is pretty interesting to see the changing app ecosystem as time goes on though. The previous problems developers faced (app discovery) has been resolved (for the most part) and now it’s time for answers to the new issue: user retention. Let’s see what new and innovative ideas stem from this issue. How do you feel about the whole situation? Are you one of the many that ends up switching apps often? Share your thoughts below! Source:†Flurry

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