Img 0276

There’s a corporate message in here somewhere, but who cares? Giant Lego!

Img 0280

One of these suits is not like the others… Kidding! They’re all exactly the same.

Img 0285

Because nothing says rock’n’roll like “synergistic delivery into consumer end markets.”

Img 0279

One day, my child, taking a photo with an iPad will look cool. One day.

Img 0269

This guy had a helper to tell him when to jump off the end of the travelator thingy.


Img 0278

Speaking of travelators, according to every single MWC attendee, you CANNOT WALK ON THEM. Precious calories must be conserved by standing still.

Img 0277

This design for this stand (see below) — no lie — started out with the prerequisite to serve the best tea at the show. And it was good — I tried it.

Img 0275

The best banner at the show, period.

Img 0274

Guess who?

Img 0273

Estrella Damm is the local beer in Barcelona, and this in-show bar was constructed from crates of the stuff. It looked awesome.

Img 0271

Still using regular mail? What a loser.

Img 0268

That, readers, is called a “magazine.” It’s a kind of old-fashioned tablet, and this be-suited hipster was totally rocking one this afternoon.

Img 0266

It feels as good as it looks. The case is from Cygnet, btw.

Img 0265

Here’s the booth inspired by tea. Amongst all the plastic and vinyl signage, this chalk-on-blackboard stand was restful indeed.

Img 0283

This year, a bunch of journos were given NFC-equipped Sony handsets to test out the tech in and around Barcelona. This was the part of the main entrance for folks with regular badges…


Img 0282

… And this was the side for people who had managed to activate their NFC registration. Can you hear the crickets chirruping?

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