Mwc day 2 12

This little feller balances using gyroscopes five times more accurate than those in your phone.

Mwc day 2 05

This head looks, like, totally stoned.

Mwc day 2 01

Connect wisely to transform for easier work.

Mwc day 2 10

Meggings! Oh, Vodafone…

Mwc day 2 03

All he’s missing is the Apple logo shaved into the back.


Mwc day 2 04

HTC, keeping it real. And urban.

Mwc day 2 06

Hama decided to jazz up its lackluster booth with awesome cellphone-controlled cars.

Mwc day 2 02

Mann. Wood. Mannwood.

Mwc day 2 14

The real purpose of MWC is for buyers to connect with sellers. In the China section, we entered knockoffsville proper.

Mwc day 2 07

HTC again. Note to PR folks: dramatic lighting and even more dramatic-er stunts will get you featured in galleries.


Mwc day 2 11

Guess what’s inside?

Mwc day 2 09

Hama’s new packaging lets you try out the product without opening it.

Mwc day 2 13

Bow ties! The fine folks from something Fish

Mwc day 2 08

Taxi! Expense accounts breed laziness. And this isn’t even half the line.

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