New data published by RetailSails this week — an independent analyzer of the U.S. retail industry —  has revealed that Apple is the highest ranking U.S. retailer when it comes to sales per square foot, way ahead of companies like Tiffany & Co, Costco, and Best Buy. According to RetailSails, Apple enjoys a staggering $ 5,626 worth of sales per square foot across its 327 retail stores in the U.S. To put that figure into perspective, the retailer in second place — out of 160 retailers in total — is Tiffany & Co, with sales of just $ 2,974 per square foot. When you take a look at GameStop, arguably Apple’s closes competitor, the Cupertino company achieves almost 5% as much in sales per square foot. GameStop has 6,500 stores nationwide, with sales of just $ 1,009 per square foot. It’s no wonder, then, that Apple continues to open up retail stores all over the world. [via 9to5 Mac]

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