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I am constantly amazed at some of the small innovations the jailbreak community comes up with week in and week out. From fixing small gripes (Infinidock) to implementing features that should have been available since the iPhone 1 (Wi-Fi Sync), the jailbreak community exudes a flexibility AppStore developers aren’t granted from Apple.

The latest little gem I came across in Cydia is MultiIconMover (which I’m sure many of you already have). The app has been around for a good time, and I’m not sure how I didn’t find it earlier. I have always found it frustrating to move icons one at a time from page to page on the home screen, pulling it to the edge of the screen till the iPhone Gods grant it passage to a new land.

MultiIconMover makes this incredibly easy by allowing the user to select multuple icons once on the SpringBoard (when the icons start jiggling with the x). After the icons have been selected you swipe to the desired page and hit the home button to drop the selected icons to the new page. You just need to make sure there is enough space on the new pages for the selected icons.

Like I mentioned before there are a ton of other useful apps available to the jailbreak community. What are your favorite? The most useful? And are there any ideas for new apps you’d like to see in the marketplace?

There currently is no way to use MultiIconMover for iOS 4.3.

Sources: Cydia

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