I tend to travel a fair bit, and when Iím not flopping down on friendsí couches (which happens more than I should probably admit ó thanks guys), I often turn to Bill Shatnerís pugnacious figure and punch it, firing up the Priceline app to find a killer deal. And now that itís a universal app, itís even better on the iPad. Pricelineís done a pretty slick job of converting it to the iPad, using the extra screen real estate to add a feature the iPhone version doesnít have: the ability to see room prices on a map ó super helpful when quickly trying to balance budget with walking distance. It also color codes the selections by price, star level or user-review scores. But the big deal with Priceline is its price haggling feature, and the iPadís big screen also improves this experience with a larger map and well designed controls.  

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