Spinning it like Joey Deacon

Because I’m not dead, I love music. But since I have no friends (at least not any friends with good musical taste), I have no idea what to listen to. Which means I’m pretty much stuck playing old (and still fantastic) Talking Heads tracks, and that XX album from a year or two back.

But now that Hype Machine has redesigned its app, I now have a new, musical-savvy friend.

The brand-new and re-tooled iPhone app puts an easy front end on the Hype Machine website. Hype Machine is an aggregator for music blogs, and while you can use it for music discovery, you can also just pretend you stole the iPod of your hipster friend and just use it to listen to music by bands you’ve never heard of.

The $ 4 app comes free if you grabbed the previous version in either its $ 1 or free incarnations.

You can play full tracks (no stupid samples) and each week there is a featured album that you can listen to – all of it. And you can star tracks to add them to your own playlist.

Hype Machine is not meant to be a replacement for Spotify or Rdio, but as a way to find new bands. And for this I love it, even if the artists featured all seem to be a little too much into ironic knitwear.

Source: iTunes

Via: Evolver.fm

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