Another Apple-related headline is coming out of China today, and it’s more good news for the tech giant from Cupertino. As it turns out, Apple’s third-generation iPad is on its way to going on sale in China. As of this writing, Apple has secured regulatory approval from the Chinese regarding its Wi-fi only model. “As recently as last week,” Engadget found today, “China’s Quality Certification Center granted that Cupertino slate — bearing model number A1416 — its seal of approval, paving the way for a retail debut in the region.” Although no official launch date has been confirmed or announced, the launch is thought to be imminent. Just yesterday,�MMi reported�that Apple CEO Tim Cook was in China Monday and photographed inside of an Apple store there. Cook is believed to be in China to meet with wireless carriers in hopes of finalizing deals to bring the iPhone to every Chinese consumer who wants one, across multiple carriers. As Cook recently stated himself, “China is very important to us and we look forward to even greater investment and growth there.” Without question, today’s headlines out of China will only increase in frequency and volume as 2012 progresses. Source:�Engadget  

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