Shooting photos and video of yourself on the move (or having a non-stationary Facetime chat) is about to become a lot less challenging. Introducing the automated solution to your iPhone videography needs: the Swivl. True to its name, the Swivl is a compact, hands-free cradle that makes it possible for your iPhone to track your movements as you shoot video. How does it work? According to the manufacturer, all you do is attach the sensor clip (which, unfortunately, happens to be as gaudy as it appears bulky) and the Swivl will subsequently tack your every move by directing the camera lens in your direction so that you never go out of frame. You can check out the video below for a demonstration of this undoubtedly cool accessory that will likely prove a hot commodity in some circles. Although the device isn’t yet available, pre-orders are now being accepted for the advertised price of $159.99. The company anticipates shipping the product in early 2012. Also, it should be noted that you can still use the device even if you don’t have an iPhone. The Swivl is compatible with the iPod Touch, Android phone, GoPro, and Flip. For more details, check out the official product page byclicking here. Sources:Swivl,TechCrunch  

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